About Us

Andrew and I took over the Beachcomber B & B in November 2019 when we moved from Northampton to Tenby. I had a childcare business and Andrew had a company offering the design and installation of kitchens. It was after a couple of years travelling around coastal Wales that we decided on Tenby as a location for our move. In seemingly perfect timing the Beachcomber was put up for sale.

Whilst the Beachcomber was already a successful B & B we felt that after looking at reviews together with us wanting to personalize our new business that certain upgrades and renovations were needed to ensure that our visitors would get the most off their stay at the Beachcomber. Our first focus was on the beds and the breakfasts so we upgraded the beds, mattresses and bedding and fitted a new kitchen. Alongside this we decorated, fitted new flooring, new dining room furniture and we have given the outside of the building a fresh modern look.

During your stay we will always be on hand and will do everything we can to ensure you have a wonderful stay with us at the Beachcomber.

Sharon & Andrew Dominey